Barclays Waterslide

A tremendously success of the journey of a man through a day in life as every single kind in this planet has dreamt a few times.

A challenging job that was put together by a superb team of artists and although my role was not very big I feel proud of it and the contribution made to the job in the design stages and initial supervision along with some lighting some shots.


As you can imagine a huge amount of work was put onto the reconstruction of buildings so we could cast shadows onto them, integrate them better by using that geometry textured with the actual plates to bounce light to the tubes.


And although we tried to get as much in camera as possible the reality is that it was impossible to hang a tube of this size so high without killing the actor and a few bystanders by the way so we devised a two side shoot where we would photograph the city and then go to a water park to try to mimick those shots, once we try to edit them certain angles would not work so we accommodated a third photography day of the city but this time knowing exactly how the shot should be.


The design of the tube was locked from day one but the reality is that the transparent bits added a lot of dimension to the event so we had to start working on extra tube blocks that could show what was going on inside along water and a human being inside riding the tube.


And the water which is actually a geometry being deformed by a CG character moving down the tube.

Funny enough we spent a lot of time coming up with a way to “design” the shots so a lot of research time went onto designing a tool for houdini to run a curve fitting algorithm that could easy the difficult task of building the tube for each shot, this of course didn’t work exactly as we wanted so with the lesson learned a different more hand made approach was designed in XSI to be able to easily swap and change the layout of the tube so we could change lenghts, rotations and what not, this of course would have an impact on the next tubes of the segment but it was easy to compensate and swap things around so layout became fun thanks to Andy Nicholas skills.


And finally the elements that hold the tubes were another very difficult challenge that we tried to automate but found out the hard way it was easier once the layout was signed off to then set them up correctly on a per shot basis.


Director: Peter Thwaites
Agency: BBH
Production: Gorgeous
Task: 3D Artist

Jordi Bares Written by:

Jordi Bares is a Creative Director/VFX Supervisor working for Framestore on some amazing projects.