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25 April 2019 / / Blog
07 July 2014 / / Blog

This edition of Mundos Digitales has been specially incredible, the speaker line up was fantastic, the material shown gets better and better every year and ended up being very spacial to me.

12 April 2014 / / Blog

My favourite visual effects festival is back again this year stronger than ever with an amazing line up of conferences which I am sure you will love. Make sure you book as soon as possible.

13 April 2012 / / Blog

If you are in Madrid on April or you fancy a full boost of creativity, well, come down to MAD2012 where I will be speaking too and hopefully will be something to take home afterwards.

12 September 2011 / / Blog
22 July 2011 / / Blog
10 June 2010 / / Blog

The 50th animation film festival is a total success an bearing in mind how weird this whole thing is, meaning in the middle of the alps… Well, seems great.

19 November 2008 / / Blog
Many of you may not have heard of it too much, many will think is a gone festival, well, I am afraid you should be paying attention to this one and yes, it is in Monaco. This year they have put together quite an interesting offer on Architecture visualization, landscape, industrial activity and of course, entertainment. So if you are considering reviewing where to go to see interesting stuff and are not planning to go to the US, probably this is one of the places you sure should go.
11 November 2008 / / Blog
On the 17th of November 2008 I will be giving a conference about post-production and how the role is morphing towards a more preproduction as we tackle more complex projects while making the most of the budget.