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There are few projects where a director’s vision is so radical, creative and demands such a technical effort as to challenge every single artist to the limit.

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It feels I found my voice in between the most traditional effects and the very cutting edge technology and in this new chapter of this is a great representation of working for the story rather than for the fireworks of accomplished VFX.

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What a wonderful project to be part of, in my opinion the bravest creative agency putting a radical proposition forward and actually pushing for it till the end.

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This edition of Mundos Digitales has been specially incredible, the speaker line up was fantastic, the material shown gets better and better every year and ended up being very spacial to me.

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I will relish this one all my life, working with one of the best directors in the world, a brave creative team and some of the most talented artists to bring something truly special to the screen.

12 April 2014 / / Blog

My favourite visual effects festival is back again this year stronger than ever with an amazing line up of conferences which I am sure you will love. Make sure you book as soon as possible.

02 April 2014 / / Blog

After Autodesk decision to abandon Softimage I took upon myself to use my little spare time to help the community to transition to what I believe is the best tool for any FXTD and CG artist.