01 January 2004 / / Portfolio / Advert

A huge commercial in every single sense and a clear showcase of technology to the service of a great idea. Probably this is one of the most radical commercials, not only in the idea but in the making as after Radiohead’s project I decided it was the perfect ground to put Massive technology in motion so after some tests the director moved on to shoot this project.

10 November 2003 / / Portfolio / Advert

A computer generated promo extravaganza where all our tools were used to their limits into a huge team of 23 people working flat for a couple of months. Rigid body simulations, cloth, crowds, motion capture, facial capture even special software was developed to build this animated polygons reduction.

18 August 2003 / / Portfolio / Advert

Fantastic tale in a fantastic world inspired by HR Gigger. The train was built in a way it resembles this fantasy where a gorgeous woman goes for a ride.

18 July 2003 / / Portfolio / Advert

A wonderful concept made this my special baby as The Quest is a first timer for many of us, from the creation, shoot, character development. Everything was extremely carefully planned and the final product shows the amount of love we all put into it.

06 February 2003 / / Portfolio / Advert

A complex CG job, the kind of “obvious-yet-invisible” effects, in this case a mass of bisons in front of camera plus major city extensions.

11 March 2002 / / Portfolio / Advert

A humorous ad that put some fun into the beer’s battle, with many little things hidden this is one of those ads you will see a hundred times and something new will appear.

07 January 2002 / / Portfolio / Documentary

A hugely ambitious project developed by the new branch of MillTV with more than 80 CG shots of crowds and ancient architectural reconstruction.

03 September 2001 / / Portfolio / TV
A fun project and a good opportunity to experiment with many ideas about character animation in a long term fashion. Also exciting to test the water with Maya although I must say apart from the animation tools I didn’t really get the easiness and direct approach to work that XSI did gave me. I truly had a lot of fun doing it and enjoyed meeting so many great people while working there.
22 June 2001 / / Portfolio / TV

A two part TV movie that ended up being really good fun to work, first because it was one of my heroes’ company (Jim Henson’s Creature Shop) because I grew with all the puppets they had on the entrance, and second because the animation director did really pushed the envelope for all of us.